Avery Lamp

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Who I am

Massachusetts Institute of Technology '20

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Millburn High School '16

Avid Squash Player


Some of my favorite tools to work with:


Python, Javascript, SQL


iOS (Objective-C, Swift)


Robotics, Arduino, C++

Some projects

I developed many projects, several of which I am very proud of. Making things is one of my greatest passions. Devpost profile.
PocketLab from PennApps XII


Blood diagnosis with an iPhone | Hottest Health Hack @ PennApps XII | September 2015 | More info

Smith from HackBCA II '15


Control your phone without touching it | 2nd Place @ HackBCA II | February 2015 | More info

ViewZik from CodeDay NYC '15


Live Dj-ing and Music Visualizer | Best Application @ CodeDay NYC | March 2015 | More info

Snappr from 'Dream it. Code it. Win it.' '15


Automatically organize and classify your photos | Winner @ 'Dream it. Code it. Win it.' | April 2015 | More info

Tap Attack!


A reaction speed tapping game | More info

Flight Bites Freelance Job


An app to facilitate ordering food on the go at airports | Freelance Project | In Progress More info

My Interests

Passion is something that matters a lot to me.
I try to spend my time doing the things I get really excited about.


I've been playing squash for over 6 years. I train nearly every day and I love to compete in tournaments across the U.S. My current top ranking is 12th in the Boys Under 17 age division.


I joined a FTC team in my Junior year and we placed 13th in the World. In the school year of '15-'16, I am the Build team leader. I hope lead the team to worlds again through hard work and determination.


I love building projects. Whether I'm at a Hackathon, fingers flying on my keyboard to put finishing touches on an app, or at home late at night building things of my own, I never cease to enjoy building


Getting smarter, better, faster, stronger is what drives me every single day. I work hard so I can work better.   

"teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" ~Maimonides


I'm currently open for freelance work and Summer 2018 internships.

Things I've done

Some small milestones so far in my journey

My Start

Started learning computer science, after my brother's suggestion to take Computer Science 1 freshman year in High School

September 2012
Learning App Development

Started learning to build iOS applications with Objective-C through free online courses offered by Stanford

February 2014
My First App

Built my first app. A simple quiz game that questioned users about the United States.

April 2014
My First Internship

Worked at U.S. Squash as a Mobile Development intern, building a prototype app for an app they planned to make.

Summer 2014
PennApps XI

Went to my first hackathon, PennApps XI, building MagicPen as my first collaborative project.

January 2015
CodeDay NYC and Isometric Studios

Won Best Application at my second hackathon, CodeDay NYC. My team members and I also formed Isometric Studios, an iOS app freelancing company.

February 2015

Built Smith at HackBCA II, winning overall 2nd Place prize.

March 2015

Announced a winner at the "Dream it. Code it. Win it." competition hosted by the MIT Club of NYC

April 2015
Second Internship

Did a second internship at U.S. Squash as a Mobile Development intern, this time building a live scoring application for refereeing matches.

Summer 2015
Figuring out OpenCV

Hired for my first freelance job with a project that used OpenCV, an open source computer vision framework. My employer hired me for four more successive jobs after completing the first one.

August 2015
Hottest Health Hack PennApps

Won the Hottest Health Hack prize at PennApps XII, the largest collegiate hackathon ever. This is my proudest prize, because of the improvement from going to PennApps as my first hackathon, then coming back eight months later and winning a major prize at it.

September 2015
This Website

Started my first website, a portfolio of my projects and some information. Although it is a bootstrapped website, I feel like my web development skills have improved tremendously.

November 2015

Went to Treehacks at Stanford University and created Appception , a React-Native app that allows users to design UI through a drag and drop interface. After dropping elements, they are instantly live and native. My team ended up wining the Facebook's Favorite Choice Prize, taking home Oculus Rifts

February 2016

Won 3rd Place at HackBCA III, building one of my favorite projects Reppin. It is an app that counts how many push ups you do, through computer vision with Open-cv.

March 2016

Contact me

Interested in my skillset? Think my stack matches your project? Just want to talk to me? Use the form below to reach me.